Project Description

Barry Vangrov

Artist Statement

Exploring Form and Texture
Void of color the world is reduced to its essence of form and structure. My black and white images are an exploration of this monochromatic world of patterns, shapes, textures and tones, a search for form and texture as found in the natural world. I am particularly drawn to exploring the environment for naturally occurring geometric patterns and to capturing the myriad different textures found in nature both tactile—hard, soft, rough, smooth, sharp, grainy, and visual—translucent, misty, foggy, wispy. The list is varied and nearly endless.

My color work – in addition to exploring form and texture – uses color itself as the essence of the image. The colors being as or often even more important than the actual subject matter of the photograph.

Although I use modern digital equipment to capture, process and print my images, I am a traditionalist at heart and use image processing programs to perform only traditional darkroom techniques such as dodging and burning, tonal adjustments and contrast control to create the printed image as I visualized
it in the field.

Barry is an Ohio born, Atlanta based photographer specializing in fine art landscapes. He began taking photographs of the Arizona desert while in college in the 1970’s, teaching himself to develop and print black and white film in the darkroom. He’s been photographing nature (and pretty much anything else that you can point a camera at) ever since, moving from film to digital as technology progressed.