Project Description


It’s odd but after studying art in college, of all things, I entered the computer industry. After 11 years at Equifax, when I could not handle the corporate world any longer, I did a 180 and went on to being a massage therapist / reiki healer. 15 years of doing the following led to my first trip to the Tucson Gem show in 2000 and that is all she wrote. Embracing the authentic me and blooming into my creative genius, I now call myself an ARTIST. I am blissfully happy now and consider myself retired doing what I love most, creating, and boy do I love to create.

I am delighted to announce, I was just awarded Creative Loafing’s “2015 Best Of Atlanta” Reader’s Pick in the Local Jewelry Designer category. I still can’t believe it!! I have sold world worldwide; Japan, Australia, Ireland, England and have been in shows throughout the United States. I can be found sharing my talents and inspiring others by teaching classes out of my home and donating my time teaching classes to the seniors at ELM. I get a real buzz off of people walking in to a class thinking they can’t make anything and then by the end of class, having something they are proud to wear and show off to their friends. My teaching mantra is “I don’t want to hear I can’t, we all leave WINNERS!”

Through the years I have continued to add to my creative tool box. Not only am I boss and little Indian of Natural Healing Stones ~ one of a kind jewelry for the meditative spirit, but for the last four years I have been working at building my new found love, WHIMSY ART ~ original art made to inspire light spirits and happy hearts. If that were not enough to keep me busy, just over the last two years, I have been madly delving into pottery. (no tag line or name for that yet!) Not only is my artwork and pottery being received well here in the US but I am also currently selling out of a shop In England.

Whatever medium I am working in, I am guided by three things my intuition, nature and music. I mean doughnuts, wine, and men. (I kid, I kid)

I am supremely happy and excited to be showing all the things that I love at the Marietta Artist’s Attic. Enjoy your look around and I hope to meet you one day.  I am here every Art Walk Friday, first Friday of the Month.  Peace, Love and Rocks Ya”all!!