Project Description

Dominique Chaponot

Dominique Chaponot, a native Parisian, is an artist photographer who resides in Georgia. She comes from a family that loves art; Any art. Her father was a saxophonist, her grandparents won awards in Spain for dance (tango and waltz). Her cousin is a jazz singer in Paris and her aunt is a painter in Cannes. Her interest in art was further cultivated when Dominique entered a drawing contest and won a free art lesson at the “ARTS ET METIERS” in Paris.

As a student she went to the Louvre every month. She was especially interested in the paintings she saw there.

She began taking photos for fun at age 15 and became more serious about photography in her thirties when her husband gave her a computer and introduced her to professional software. She fell in love with that because she realized she could “paint” with her photographs. Imagination has no limits.

“I am a dreamer. I am an artist, I can put more into a photo than your eyes can see. I can show you my soul without a shadow. My eyes are a camera that allow me to see beyond the lens.”