Project Description

Wade Lincoln

Wade Lincoln is a self-taught, full-time renaissance man. He has been an undertaker (not self-taught), band leader, recorded Nashville singer-songwriter, coffee shop owner/barista, home builder, custom cabinet and furniture maker, book author (On Tybee Time), and artist. He is a native Vermonter and resident Georgian, who splits his time between Atlanta and Tybee Island.

His oil paintings are American Scene works, undoubtedly influenced by Hopper’s stark imagery and somewhat dark narrative… but he’s far too fickle and peripatetic to have settled on one style. His acrylic paintings are best described as Representational Minimalism. They incorporate defined shape, bold flat color, simplicity, Precisionist, hard-edge, and pop elements into a more graphic and highly original art.

His work can be found on private and public walls from California to Connecticut and beyond.